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The 2014 One Book, One Firm Selection: Branch Rickey

Branch RickeyEach year in our One Book, One Firm program, we select a book relating to diversity and inclusion and encourage everyone in the firm to read and discuss it.  In addition, we prepare a recommended reading list for other books you might enjoy reading this summer. Also, this year we have created a One Book, One Firm website with additional information. This email will fill you in on the 2014 One Book, One Firm program.

The 2014 One Book, One Firm Selection

This year’s One Book, One Firm selection is Branch Rickey, by Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Jimmy Breslin. Branch Rickey, a graduate of the University of Michigan Law School, brought many innovations to the game of baseball, including the farm system. Breslin’s short, easy to read biography, however, focuses on the story of Rickey’s role in breaking the color barrier in Major League baseball.

Rickey’s commitment to integrate Major League Baseball grew out of an incident involving Charles Thomas, an African American teammate of Rickey’s on the Ohio Wesleyan baseball team. Rickey would remember that incident for years, eventually deciding to do something about the injustice he saw. Years before Jackie Robinson would ultimately join Rickey’s Brooklyn Dodgers, Rickey committed to integrating Major League baseball. He began scouting Negro League baseball teams to find a player with the talent and the character to break the color barrier. In Robinson, he found the perfect man, and together they changed America’s game.