• Lunch and Learn: Raising Culturally Competent Children – RSVP Information

Melita Travis JohnsonFor most of people, the workplace is the only place they regularly have contact with people from other ethnic groups.  Our neighborhoods, religious institutions and clubs tend not to reflect the rich cultural diversity of our state.  This raises the issue of how we as parents and grandparents can raise children who will be able to thrive in our multicultural world?

We have invited Melita Travis-Johnson, a social worker with Encompass, to join us at noon on Monday, July 28, to address that question in a talk called “Raising Culturally Competent Children.”  The talk will take place at a Lunch-and-Learn session at the University Club and will be streamed over the Internet to our other offices. 

Please RSVP to this luncheon presentation to Robin Keith by Monday, July 21.