• Public Museum Publishes Field Guide to West Michigan Ethnic Groups

The most frequently asked question when we toured the Newcomers Exhibit at the Grand Rapids Public Museum earlier this year was, “how can I get a copy of the exhibit’s guide to ethnic groups in West Michigan.”  At the time, the guide was not available for purchase.  That has changed today. As the flier below announces, beginning today, copies of the Ethnic Field Guide to West Michigan will be available for purchase in the Museum’s Curiosity Shop and on Amazon.com.  The field guide was written by Christian G. Carron, Director of Research and Interpretation, and Veronica L. Kandl, Curator of History.

Over 50 separate ethnic groups who call West Michigan home are profiled in this field guide-style book.  Each group has two pages devoted to brief descriptions of the group’s country of origin, its homeland geography, its politics and map.  The guide also depicts the reasons groups leave their homeland and come to West Michigan, and their population size and settlement areas here.  The Ethnic Field Guide to West Michigan is a continuous reflection of the Newcomers exhibit.  Both explore, celebrate and question the multifaceted past and present of ethnicity and immigration in West Michigan. 

Warner Norcross & Judd is pleased to be one of the corporate sponsors of the Newcomers Exhibit.

Field Guide to West Michigan Ethnic Groups