Warner Norcross Sponsoring Civic Theatre’s Production of “Twelve Angry Men”

Warner Norcross is sponsoring the Grand Rapids Civic Theatre’s September production of “Twelve Angry Men.”  This play is based on the classic 1957 made-for-tv movie starring Henry Fonda, Lee J. Cobb, and E.G. Marshall among others. 

Warner Norcross is sponsoring the movie in support of  the Civic Theatre’s efforts to promote diversity and inclusion. While “Twelve Angry Men,” may not at first blush appear to speak about diversity, Civic Theatre chose the play because of the way it gets beneath the surface of each juror, showing their individual humanity.  While at first it appears that all the jurors are of like mind and ready to convict, one courageous juror refuses to jump to a conclusion.  One by one, the jurors reveal the important differences between them that make them stand as individuals. 

Warner Norcross is proud of its association with Civic Theatre, which has helped to bring such plays as The Diary of Anne Frank, August Wilson’s Piano Lesson, and Having Our Say: The True Story of the Delaney Sisters to the Grand Rapids stage.

The Civic Theatre’s production of Twelve Angry Men runs from September 9 through the 18th.  Details at ww.grct.org.