Warner Norcross & Judd Issues Its 7th Diversity & Inclusion Annual Report

WNJ_2012_DIARWarner Norcross & Judd has issued its 7th Diversity and Inclusion Annual Report.  Preparing the annual report gives us a chance to pause  to reflect on our efforts to promote diversity and inclusion within the firm, the legal profession and the communities where we live and work.  It is an important way we communicate our commitment to, and progress toward, becoming a more inclusive organization.  The 2012 report features stories as wide-ranging as the people and the programs they highlight.  From the welcome letter of Managing Partner Doug Wagner to the profile of Southfield partner Mary Jo Larson and her group’s café conversations on race to firm volunteers reading to students in the Grand Rapids Public Schools, this year’s report offers a look at the way we engage professionally as well as personally.  To read the Annual report click here.

Copies of the firm’s previous Annual Reports for 2006 through 2011 may be found on the firm’s website by clicking here.